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Property Manager FAQs

RentSafe is designed for screening tenants at scale, and the system won’t slow down even if you’re processing hundreds of applications per month.

You can create a RentSafe account and start screening tenants in 5 minutes! No credentialing required.

No, we do not require credentialing. You can simply create and account and start screening tenants right away without needing to wait for inspections or personal background checks.

Tenant background checks are processed instantly and the results are sent to the property manager’s dashboard within seconds.

Tenant applications are free for property managers. And yes, you can screen an unlimited amount of applications at no added cost. The applicant cost (for renters) is $45 per report.

Tenants pay the application fee through RentSafe.

RentSafe is partnered with TransUnion for credit reporting.

The credit report is a comprehensive TransUnion report which includes the applicant’s entire credit history with detailed account history and payment history in an easy to read format.

The background check includes a full credit report, national eviction search, and national criminal background check.

Renter FAQs

The cost is $45 per adult applicant, paid by the applicant.

The credit inquiry is a soft inquiry through RentSafe. This functions the same way as checking your own credit on a third party credit app, and will not harm your credit.

No! Our credit inquiries are soft pulls, which means they will not have an impact on your credit score.

The background check is instant, and the application only takes a few minutes to fill out. Most applicants are able to submit an application in 5 minutes or less.

RentSafe does not provide decisions on rental applications. All approval decisions are made by the landlord or property manager, who is the end-user of RentSafe. Therefore, the approval turnaround time is entirely dependent on the landlord or property manager who operates the rental unit to which you are applying. That said, our software makes it easy for operators to process applications efficiently, and we provide the background check results to the operator instantly.

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