How to Search for Tenant Eviction Records

Eviction Records

Only about one million Americans undergo the eviction process in a single year. This is a relatively low number, which means that it’s easy for landlords to find renters with no prior eviction history.

As a property manager, it’s important that you settle for no less than the best tenants available. But how can you screen eviction records to ensure that potential renters have a good history of rent payments? Read on to learn some ways that you can access sealed eviction records and rent to the right people.

Why Look Up Tenant Eviction Records?

Before learning how to search for eviction records, you may be wondering why it’s important to undergo this process. If you’re a new landlord, this may not seem like a pressing thing to look into, but it’s important to understand patterns of behavior.

If a tenant has previously been evicted, it’s more likely that they will face eviction with you. Whether they were kicked out of another property for failing to pay rent or for breaking rules outlined in the lease, you want to avoid these behavioral patterns.

While many tenants do turn their lives around and should be offered housing, others who have been evicted multiple times are definitely tenants to avoid. Eviction only takes place in serious cases, so it is a sign that your property may be at risk when you rent to these individuals.

Even if you do choose to rent to those with eviction records, it’s best that you know all of the facts before signing a lease. This will let you know which renters to watch and what to expect from them.

Talk to Possible Renters

The first step toward getting tenant eviction records is to have a conversation with prospective tenants. You want to meet with them anyway to make sure that they are a good fit for your property. It’s important to talk to them over a video chat or in-person to make sure that they seem normal and are who they say they are.

Ask about prior evictions when you talk to these potential renters. Most people will say that they have no past evictions, and this is true in most cases. If you do a background check and find out later that they lied, this isn’t just a sign that they will be a bad tenant- it also shows that they are untruthful.

If someone does say that they have prior eviction records, you have your answer. However, you also will know that the potential tenant is open and honest. This paints them in a good light and also opens a conversation about why they were evicted.

If they are honest and have good reasons for their prior eviction, you may still want to give them a chance. However, if their reasons are bad or they lie at any point, that’s a definite red flag.

Know Your Potential Tenant’s Information

Regardless of what prospective renters say when talking to you, screening tenants is an essential part of the leasing process. You’ll need to first collect all of the information that you have about them. Look at their application to learn their full name, credit scores, birthdate, income, and more.

This information is critical because it lets you know what to enter into the screening software. Make sure that all of it is accurate before you proceed with the screening process.

You also want to make sure that applicants meet your minimum tenant criteria. Even someone with no past eviction history will be a poor renter if they don’t meet a minimum income threshold. You want them to make at least double their rent.

At this point, it’s also critical that you get consent for the screening process. Tenants are legally allowed to refuse to be part of this process. Of course, you likely will not offer them a lease if they refuse, but you legally must get written consent before proceeding,

Use the Right Screening Software

At this point, you’ll need to access the right tools for tenant screening. You’ll need a complete and comprehensive toolkit that shows all relevant renter information on a single easy-to-read dashboard.

RentSafe’s tool is easy to use and offers one-click potential renter submissions for applications. This makes it extremely transparent and provides you with fast and accurate results. It also is easy to add and screen co-applicants and co-signers so that you have all the facts before sending anyone a lease to sign.

One of the best things about our software is that it provides you with real-time results. Because tenant histories are constantly changing, it’s important that you see the most recent information possible. You’ll be able to see the current status for past evictions as well as real-time credit reports and criminal histories.

Set Up Your Application

When you choose the best tenant screening tool on the market, you can link your application portal directly to your screening software. Create custom specifications for each listing, specify the documents needed, and mark required application fields for potential renters prior to proceeding.

You can then share the link to the application so that interested renters can click on it easily. This will immediately link to a portal that’s connected to your screening software. Once tenant hopefuls fill out the forms, you’ll get real-time alerts about applications so that you know what’s going on with each property.

The screening process begins the moment that the prospective tenant hits “submit.” You’ll be able to see eviction history with just one click (in addition to other screening information). The data that you see is collected from reliable online sources across the web so that you can have a clear picture of your applicant.

Start Screening Tenants the Right Way

While screening tenant eviction records may sound like a challenge, it’s a fairly easy process once you access the right tools. Now that you know how to make sure that you’re finding a tenant with no prior eviction history, it’s time to get started.

We’re committed to providing you with a customized dashboard to help you view tenant information on a transparent forum. That’s why we’re excited to hear from you and discuss how we can set you up with our easy-to-use screening software. Contact us to learn more about our tool and how we can help you find amazing new tenants.

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