RentSafe Powerful Tenant Screening

Powerful Tenant Screening Services for Property Management Companies

A complete tenant screening toolkit to empower high-volume property managers.

Tenant Screening Services For Property Managers

RentSafe offers a re-imagined property manager dashboard that simplifies the tenant screening process without sacrificing reliability and thoroughness. Add rental listings and customize your tenant screening criteria in under a minute, then use your dashboard to stay effortlessly organized while converting applicants into tenants faster than ever before.

Tenant Screening Services For Property Managers

Get detailed insights without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

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How it Works

Tenant screening at scale has never been easier

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Customize Your Listings

Create custom specifications for each rental listing to make the application process transparent and reduce unqualified traffic. Mark required fields and specify documents needed to verify income and rental history.

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Share Your Listings​

Activate your listings on RentSafe and supply renters a direct link or embed the link on any site you’d like.  With one click the prospective renter is into the application and you will have results within minutes.

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Application Portal

Make a great first impression on your future tenants! A streamlined and transparent application process that takes them to an applicant dashboard upon completion so they always know the status. 

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Track The Status

Applications are processed in real-time and you'll will get alerts every time a status changes. Your RentSafe dashboard is the cockpit for your leasing team, where they can drill down on results and stay on task with our suite of productivity features.

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Review Results

Review tenant applications in just one click. See income, credit score and reports, criminal searches, eviction history and other crucial screening data. Peace of mind comes from having trusted data to make the most educated decisions.

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Eliminate Chaos

With Rent Safe, all submitted applications display with their current status. As a Property Manager, you can then mark them into different categories and keep track of where you are in the decision making process, and which applications need priority attention.

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Features tailor-made for property managers:

Powerful Property Manager Dashboard

Powerful Property Manager Dashboard

Our dashboards are designed to boost your leasing team’s efficiency. RentSafe helps your staff stay organized and productive with a full suite of productivity tools built into the dashboard. Empower your leasing staff with the ability to search, filter, and retrieve application data instantly.

Stay on top of your workload with a full suite of productivity-boosting tools in your RentSafe dashboard. Our Property Manager Dashboard is designed to be the central cockpit for your leasing team.  You can filter by application status at both the property and portfolio level, search by address or applicant, and manage your application flow efficiently whether you have 10 properties or 10,000 properties in your portfolio. Monitor in-progress applications for tactful follow-through by your leasing staff, and use in-progress metrics to build urgency with other prospective tenants. This is the leasing efficiency boost your clients have been waiting for. 

Before we started RentSafe, we were struggling to find an application platform that could handle the scale of our portfolio. The platforms that worked fine with 20 properties on market did not work when we had 200 properties on market. We quickly realized that the problem was that most tenant screening software programs were designed for individual landlords or smaller portfolios, and did not have the bandwidth to run smoothly with a larger portfolio. We built RentSafe from the ground up with the intent of providing a stable and fast operating system for property managers that would scale with them as they grow their market share. You’ll get the same super fast load times from RentSafe no matter how many properties you have on market, so you never need to worry about your software slowing you down as you grow your business.

At a glance, you can instantly identify which properties are outperforming and which properties may need a marketing adjustment. Just search a property address and within 2 seconds you can see how many applications are in progress, how many applications have been completed, and how many were approved or denied. Next time a client asks you for a status update, you’ll have answers right at your fingertips.

Instant Actions

Eliminate human error and take the guesswork out of regulatory compliance. Using RentSafe’s Property Manager Instant Actions feature, your team can send important updates and requests to applicants with just a few clicks–no typing, proofreading, or copy/pasting required.

You can zoom into an application to see everything you need at a glance: income/employment, credit, criminal, rental history, personal statements, supporting documents, and more. For group applications, you can instantly see the application results of roommates that have completed their portions, and see which roommates are still in progress.

Request more information or additional documentation from an applicant within seconds. Simply select “Updates Needed” from the dropdown menu, type a brief note to the applicant to request additional info, and click the “save” button. Your message will be securely transmitted to the applicant instantly, and the application status will be updated to “Updates Needed” until the applicant completes your request. 

To approve an application, select “Approved” from the dropdown menu and an approval letter will be instantly delivered to the applicant, along with any co-applicants or roommates. You can get your approvals out in seconds without typing or proofreading an approval letter, and keep your database perfectly up-to-date at the same time.

Reduce your liability and ensure perfect regulatory compliance by sending standardized adverse action letters with just a few clicks. Simply select “Denied” then select the reason for denial from the dropdown menu, and an adverse action letter will be formatted in a standardized template and sent out to the applicant immediately. This efficient process eliminates human error and greatly reduces your company’s legal exposure. 

One-Click Workflow Automations

Customizable Screening Requirements

Customizable Screening Requirements

Every property (and landlord) is unique, so a one-size-fits-all approach simply will not cut it. RentSafe enables property  managers to customize their screening requirements to fit each property’s unique needs, so your clients can get exactly what they’re looking for each time you list their rental.

You can choose whether or not you’d like to require documentation from the applicant to verify their income and/or employment. If you choose to require verification, simply select which type of documentation you will accept, and the applicant will be prompted to upload these supporting documents directly to RentSafe for easy viewing by your leasing team.

If you’d like to require reference letters for each applicant, you simply check a box and choose the type of letter you’re requesting from the dropdown menu. You can require landlord references, employer references, or peer references. The applicant will upload the required reference letter to RentSafe and it will be stored in their application profile for easy access.

Since every landlord has different preferences, you can set the pet policy individually for each property. If you choose to allow pets, you can require applicants to upload a picture of their pet or even upload vet records as part of their application.

Credit Reporting

RentSafe uses Transunion for credit reporting. You’ll get comprehensive credit reports in full detail for each applicant, along with an easy-to-read snapshot summary. Our credit reports provide detailed information about trade lines account balances, debt service, utilization rates, payment history, and more.

You can view each applicant’s credit report in full detail. The credit report is generated by Transunion, and includes detailed breakdowns of the applicant’s credit and payment history, open/closed tradelines, utilization rates, and any current or past due accounts. To make things easier for property managers, the report also includes a summary page which provides crucial insights at a glance, and generates a “score report” which explains the credit factors that impact the particular applicant’s credit score. 

You’ll get a snapshot of the applicant’s credit score range directly on their application page. At a glance you’ll see if their credit score meets your criteria. If the score does not meet your criteria, or if you want to see more details, you can click to view their full credit report.

When an applicant requests a copy of their credit report, you don’t need to worry about sending sensitive documentation by email. Applicants can request a copy of their report directly through their RentSafe portal, and we’ll fulfill their request without any need to get you involved. We’ll handle the sensitive documents and ensure full regulatory compliance, reducing liability for your company while freeing up some extra time for your leasing staff.

Comprehensive Credit Reporting

Criminal and Eviction Checks

National Criminal and Eviction Checks

Our tenant background checks are processed almost instantly, and include  a national criminal database search and nationwide eviction reporting, along with a residency report of all property addresses on record.

Our platform scans for criminal records across the country. If the report comes back clean, the application summary page will state “no” for criminal records. If there’s a match, it will show up as “yes” on the summary page and you can click into the background report to view any records in greater detail.

When an applicant submits an application, we instantly run an eviction search across databases in 50 states. If it returns a match, you’ll see it flagged for review in the summary report and can click through to view more details of the eviction filing.

Our background checks automatically verify any residential property addresses associated with the applicant. The background check will list all known addresses for the applicant, verified by Transunion, so you can reliably verify the rental history information provided by the applicant.

Seamless Mobile Experience

Our dashboards for property managers and rental applicants are fully mobile responsive, for a seamless user experience on the go. Your leasing agents can check the status of an application on the fly, and send an application link to a prospective tenant with two clicks. Renters can apply instantly while they’re on the go, even while they’re taking a tour of the property.

Your leasing team has access to full RentSafe features through our mobile interface. Leasing Agents can check the status of a property or application while they’re on the go, answer applicants’ questions on the fly, and always remain fully up to date even when they’re out in the field.

Your future tenants can apply to your property within minutes from anywhere in the world. RentSafe offers a streamlined mobile user experience that is convenient for even the busiest of renters. Prospective tenants can submit an application while they’re touring the property, just as easily as they could apply if they were at their computer.

Your Leasing Agents can share an application link from their phone with just a few clicks. Send the application link via SMS, email, or social media directly from your phone or tablet. 

Streamlined Mobile Interfaces

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