RentSafe Powerful Tenant Screening

A Tenant Screening System Designed For Property Managers, by Property Managers

RentSafe is a tenant screening platform, built upon decades of property management experience.

15 years ago, we started a property management company that grew into one of the largest in our market (over 3,000 homes managed). As all property managers surely know, growing pains are palpable in this industry. In order to continue scaling our business profitably and sustainably, we needed to find a more efficient way to screen tenants and maintain rigorous compliance!

The standalone tenant screening products on the market were insufficient for our scale and lacked the speed and organizational features our staff needed, and the only other options were inflexible enterprise platforms that were bloated with features we didn’t need (or want), and had steep learning curves for our rapidly growing team.

We decided to build a better rental application platform, one that was designed specifically for high-volume property management companies, and RentSafe was born.

Meet the creators of RentSafe, Joe & Ben Rieling

The path to creating RentSafe has been a humbling experience for us. Through trial and error, and constant testing, we’ve perfected our ideal version of tenant screening for property managers

At the heart of RentSafe is simplicity. We include only the most useful functions and forgo the service plan hierarchy that forces property managers to commit to expensive plans full of add-ons they’ll never use. With RentSafe you’ll have fast, reliable, user-friendly and powerful tenant screening at your disposal at no cost to your business.

Joseph Rieling, Co-Founder and President of RentSafe

Joseph Rieling

Co-Founder & President
Ben Rieling, Co-Founder and COO RentSafe

Ben Rieling

Co-Founder & COO

Family Owned & Operated

In 2005 my brother Ben and I launched Nomadic Real Estate and have been employing a 24/7 mentality since. I feel privileged today to see our company not only manage over 1,500 properties, but to be an industry leader within the Residential Property Management field. We were proud to recently welcome our sister, Jenna, to the team, truly embodying what it means to be family owned and operated.

Having an appetite for empowering likeminded industry leaders, my brother and I created RentSafe. Like us, you’ve probably grappled with overcomplicated tenant screening services that are not only expensive, but cluttered with unnecessary functions and tools. With over a thousand properties to manage, we needed a tenant screening solution that was straightforward, neatly organized, and customizable to our needs.

A 15 year journey from property management to software creation.

Joe and Ben founded Nomadic Real Estate to provide leasing, property management and sales services to thousands of landlords in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Our ongoing mission of adding value to our network prompted the creation of RentSafe, our new, powerful tenant screening software designed with property managers in mind. 

est. 2005
Ben and Joe founded Nomadic Real Estate, a residential property management firm in Washington DC.
Nomadic launched their first custom software for managing their portfolio.
Nomadic hits $1MM in rent under management in Washington DC.
Nomadic grows to $2MM in rent under management in Washington DC.
RentSafe is born as an internal tenant screening solution for Nomadic.
2019 - 2020
RentSafe is stress-tested in-house at Nomadic, processing over 16,000 rental applications while we optimized the product, supporting Nomadic's growth to over $3MM rent under management.
RentSafe is launched for property managers around the country, with the goal of helping them scale their leasing operations efficiently and profitably.
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