How to Make Rent Collection Easier as a Landlord

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Receiving a tenant’s rent on time is one of the most important factors in property management. It’s also one of the most stressful. Tenants who pay only partial amounts or are consistently late with rent payments burden a landlord’s time, energy, and money.

It costs resources to chase after late or missing rent. Landlords must often call in outside help or resort to eviction or court proceedings, both costly endeavors. Time spent in pursuit of missing rent is time away from the crucial tasks of managing the property.

Instituting a standard method of paying rent each month makes keeping track of tenants much more accessible. It’s possible to know at a glance which tenants are current and those who are behind in their payments.

Which method is best depends on the specifics of the property. Here are five ways to collect rent and some key factors to consider before you decide.

5 Simple Ways to Collect Rent

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Landlords have several choices when it comes to methods of collecting rent. The least stressful way is to hire a rent collection service to handle everything, but that isn’t the only choice. 

Below are five methods of collecting rent. It’s imperative to include the rental payment procedure in the lease, regardless of the method, so all parties are fully aware of their responsibilities.

In-Person Payments

Having rent money handed to you directly is an easy way to collect it, but that only works if the tenant is available. This method makes it notoriously easy for tenants to be away from home on an emergency when the landlord comes to collect. It can also be bothersome if several properties aren’t close together.

Many landlords prefer this method, despite its faults, because they get an opportunity to check on their property and perform routine maintenance once a month.

Check by Mail

Another traditional option is allowing a tenant to pay their rent through the U.S. Postal Service. They could send a check, cashier’s check, certified check, or money order to their landlord’s address, office, or P.O. box. This is the slowest way to access rent money. It may also be late often, considering weekends, holidays, and other no-mail days.

A similar idea is to set up a drop box. Tenants can drop rent payments inside a designated location 24 hours a day. There’s no guarantee tenants will make their payments, however.

Online Payments

Paying rent payments online can streamline the process for both parties if it’s an option. Not everyone has access to a computer, so tenants can only use online payments in conjunction with a traditional method such as paying in person or by mail.

Gen Z tenants are usually the most compliant with this form of payment. Renters can send money through a service such as PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo and set it up to recur on a specific date.

Rent Collection Service

Many rent collection services offer various additional services, such as automatic withdrawal of late fees. This is the most hassle-free method of rent collecting because everything is left to the service.

Most rent collection services allow for various payment methods, making it easier for tenants to pay on time.

ACH Debit

Setting up ACH debit payments is simple for tenants. It takes a few minutes at the bank, and then they are ready to go. They can also opt for recurring auto-payments.

This approach isn’t always so simple for landlords, however, and it can also carry some fees. There is roughly a three-day wait for an ACH deposit.

There’s a payment method for every situation, so put some thought into which one will work best for you. It’s also a good idea to explore a few more factors before choosing.

What to Consider When Choosing a Rent Collection Method

Just because a method of payment is easy doesn’t mean it’s perfect for the situation. Consider these factors when choosing which approach fits your property situation best.

1. Number of Units

A landlord with 10 units located all over town will find it harder to collect rent in person than one with only a few. A more efficient solution such as electronic payments or a rent collection service might be better in this situation.

2. Distance From Rentals

Landlords who live far from the properties they manage cannot typically accept in-person payments, and mailed payments might pose a time issue.  The distance between the landlord’s home and the rental units can have a bearing on which payment methods will work best for both parties.

3. Level of Tech Savviness

A low-tech landlord will have a more challenging time collecting rent via online payment services like PayPal. Such services aren’t difficult to learn, but they do require a certain level of tech ability.

4. Number of Methods

Some landlords find it beneficial to offer more than one method of payment. Accepting only one form of rental payment can alienate a sector of possible tenants or make it harder for some to get their rent paid on time.

5. Management Approach

Many landlords take a more hands-off approach to property management than others. They may choose electronic or mailed payments to keep from visiting the property and tenants so often. Others may enjoy the interaction and opt to pick up payments in person.

Most landlords try to make rental payments as easy as possible for the tenants, but often factors in the rental situation can determine the payment method. Careful consideration of all outlying factors can help landlords choose the best payment option for the circumstances.

A Landlord Platform to Streamline Property Management

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